DLink Radio Wont Connect To DS Wirelessly

As the title says the radio will not connect to the DS wirelessly while it will when connected to ethernet.

Here is what we have done:

-Set up the router using the supplied utility
-Imaged The CRIO
-Uploaded Code

Any ideas?

If you’re using a Classmate, make sure you setup the router for 2.4GHz
Make sure the Classmate wireless is on and the IP is set correctly.

If using a different laptop make sure it supports N and the frequency you chose.

Were not using the classmate and our laptop will connect but the radio is not recognized by the DS

The Driver Station doesn’t have to recognize the router.
It does have a ping for the IP of the router. Is that what you mean is missing?

We can use the computer to connect to the router but the DS acts as if there is no connected router.

You’re going to make me keep guessing aren’t you.

Maybe you mean the Driver Station doesn’t see the cRIO through the router?

There is nothing in the Driver Station that cares one way or another if there is a router in the loop or not.

I believe that would be correct but it sees it when the router is wired to the laptop.

So the DS connects to the cRIO if you wire it to the router, but not if you try wirelessly.

When you set the router up with the FRC Bridge Config Utility did you give it a WPA?
Using a browser, can you browse to (try both wired and wireless)

I will try tomarrow

Any other things i could attempt

Try to restart the router maybe that will work

Since just the wireless is a problem there are a couple of things you can check.

[li]First run the FRC Bridge Config Utility again, but leave the WPA field blank this time.[/li][li]Make sure your laptop IPs are:[ul][/li][li]Local Area Connection:[/li][li]Wireless connection:[/ul][/li][li]You’ll have to tell your laptop to connect to the wireless router[/li][li]Open a browser and try browsing to wirelessly first[/li][li]If that works then your Driver Station should too.[/li][li]If that doesn’t work then use an Ethernet cable and try browsing again.[/li][li]If you can connect to the router, login: admin/admin and go to the wireless settings and see what they are.[LIST=1][/li][li]SSID[/li][li]IP[/li][li]Netmask[/li][li]Frequency[/li][li]20MHz[/li][*]Security[/ol][/LIST]