DLink Wireless connection issues

We built two robots this year and, plan to use both at the Beantown Blitz. We bought a second DLink(dap522) the problem is that it doesn’t seem to want to communicate with our Linksys wireless router (WRT610N) v4.

All the IP addresses are set properly and the configuration on both is correct, but I can’t ping the cRio from the driver station laptop. I think it is because the cRio’s subnet mask is

I can set the dlink [per the instructions] to match, but I am limited on the linksys (WRT610N) to a dropdown list: [,,, I think there is one more but the first three sets are 255]

From what I have concluded the problem stems from the subnet masks not matching. I could be totally wrong too, and it could be something I am missing.

Any thoughts as to how to fix this problem?


The subnet being different should be the problem as you have said. Otherwise from that I think it would be a problem with the router’s software (possibly would need to be overwritten with firmware files or reset) or a physical defect (does not seem likely though from your description) somehow.

If your problem is not solved by this week Friday then I will check the settings currently on the routers for the 2011 season to see what was currently working for us at Michigan State Championship.

Since you are on the same subnet (I assume you are, and if you aren’t then you should be) the subnet mask makes no difference.

The subnet mask is represented as the number of bits in the IP address which are… masked… from the subnet (it just happens to be represented as a nice byte.byte.byte.byte like an IP address, but it dosen’t have to be). If the subnet mask is 8 ( then you can communicate to any device which has the same first 8 bits (so, the same byte) as you. If the subnet mask is 24 ( then the first 24 bits must be the same, but they all should be on the standard FRC configuration (they should be 10.te.am.).

So, the subnet mask is not your issue.

Do you have the D-link in bridge mode?
Are both robots configured for the correct team address?
What is the IP Address of the D-Link and Linksys routers? Certainly the D-link (and possibly the Linksys, I’m not sure) must be on the same subnet as the robot (because of the 24-bit subnet mask).

One last thing - Try connecting with Driver Station or another program (like FileZilla, there’s an FTP server on the cRio) instead of using ping. I had an issue earlier in the season where pings didn’t go through but data did.


  1. Make sure the firewall and Wireless are off on your computer.
  2. Correct IP address on computer.
  3. Bridge mode
  4. Make sure C-RIO is plugged in (It happens)
  5. Use a cmd and ping the wireless.
  6. You could reset the whole wireless system and start from scratch (email if you need help with finding the correct address to type in internet explorer, firefox, or safari., or etc))
    Hope it helps!!

This should be obvious, but I put it out just to be sure.

If you run two robots each one must use a different IP address for the team part of the ip address. This effects every componet, the router, the bridge, the CRIO, the driver station, etc.

We use 1741 for our main robot, which is our team number and we use 1742 and 1743 for our other robots.


If they are on separate networks, there won’t be an address conflict. We’ve run two robots with the 10.0.45.X addresses, each using a different wireless access point SSID.

Yes, that will work as well. Thanks Alan.