DLINKAP Router No Wireless

We have are trying to configure the DLINK Wireless Bridge. When we go to the Setup>Wireless page, the only options are to Save and Not Save the settings.

I couldn’t add any screencaps, due to this being posted from a different computer.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Firefox (and maybe other browsers) do not work well with the webserver in the dlink. Use Internet Explorer and it will work fine.

Hes right use internet explorer then if that doesn’t work make sure your using the correct Ip for the correct mode. Also big reoccurring problem Ive seen multiple times is involving static Ip’s make sure their correct.:]

Yeah. I wanted to be my normal anti-Closed-source person, but y’know… I guess that didn’t work.

For a while, I actually had IE deleted off of my computer, but for Windows Live Mesh and for this… I had to bring it back. Soy triste.

Thanks for your help guys, everything’s running. :smiley: