DMB @ Saratoga

yo yo yo, I saw the DMB concert at Saratoga Springs last night - it was awesome too - lots of energy, crowds loved it, and tons of jammin’. The encore kicked major booty. Who here loves dmb?

used to…
dont really like em too much anymore, for some reason … dunno

I think they’re really cool.

Never seen them live, but I like what I’ve heard.

I have more than a few friends who’re really into them, though.

ME! DMB rules…if I had known about it…I may have gone.

A friend of my sis’s went and brough her back a shirt. She had never heard of em…awful, isn’t it?

You were in Saratoga and you didnt drop in to pay homage to team 250? We are about 20min from there. You must come by sometime and unbore me – my hometown of Clifton Park is painfully technically illiterate ( and in the case of my teachers, simply illiterate)

Oh – and if i spelled illiterate incorrectly, blame my school

Haha…that sounds like me. My highschool’s computer courses include Personal Keyboarding and Intro to Computers. Incredibly hard courses…oh…wait, no they weren’t. Not even an Autocad course…sheesh. (I’m one of the three people in my district to own an MP3 player and broadband…and probably the only one that runs linux)