Hi all,
Just wanted to remind all the webmaster that a good way to get your site listed in search engines is with A lot of search engines pull there listings from there including all the major ones, Google, yahoo, dogpile, lycos, msn does in certain sections, and there are tons more. This is also where the google web directory comes from.
Here is the link to the FIRST Robotics U.S. Teams section. Also remember those meta tags and the alt tags on images definitely important. Also do not forget about your robots.txt file.

Also a reminder. If anyone has there site listed in the U.S. Teams section at please update your listings. Here is a link.

Thought I would add to this again. Some of the teams listings here are out of dateā€¦ Please update them by going here. Any broken links I will be deleting soon.

If your teams website is not listed you can add it by going here. The folowing search engines pull listings from AltaVista - A9 - AOL - Ask - Clusty - Gigablast - Google - Lycos - MSN - WiseNut - Yahoo