Do bridges stay tilted?

I haven’t been able to find any good info about the mass distribution of the bridges themselves. Does anyone know if the bridges will stay tilted in the last direction pushed, or do they naturally return to a horizontal position?

I’m trying to figure out if we need to keep applying force on the ramp as we drive onto it, or if it’s enough to push the ramp down, retract appendage, and continue on?

No, they naturally return back to their horizontal position.

On the FRC YouTube channel, there are 6 videos detailing sections of the field. They are helpful. From watching the one on bridges, I believe that they spring back to horizontal.

The YouTube channel can be found under “Resources” - “Kickoff Links”.

No they do not, I played with one at Manchester, and they naturally float to the middle. I have a video uploading to Youtube right now that will show this. Give me a couple.


Based on this video and the feedback of people who experienced the field, no.

Also, this question has been posted and answered at least twice. Search before you post next time, please!

There is also nothing I can find in the rules that says a robot can’t aid a bridge in leveling by pushing on the ground with some sort of extension (within the 14’ limit).

For the Coopertition Bridge you have to be fully supported on the bridge, ie no extend-o feet (G41). But there is no such stipulation for the alliance bridges.

Interesting. To be honest, this seems like something that could be a typo with the manual, something I would keep in mind, it could be changed in updates ::rtm::

But in rule 2.2.5 of the Arena it says that within 5 degrees of horizontal is balanced… I guess it would be ridiculous to have a robot force a “balance” state with legs or some sort.

Isn’t there no stipulation for the alliance bridges so that three robots could squeeze (with the end two possibly hanging off), for extra points during eliminations?

I don’t think so. If a robot is hanging off a balanced bridge and not leaning on anything else, what is supporting all its weight? I’d guess the bridge.

<G41> says that if the Coopertition Bridge is balanced (under the same criteria as the Alliance Bridges, for lack of further detail) you get 2 coopertition points. It’s when it’s not balanced that they stipulate full support, in order to get 1 coopertition point.