Do "Buzzer Beaters" count?

So lets say that a rocket only needs another cargo to be complete and you’re at, say, t-5 seconds. You can’t climb to Level 2 or above, but one of your allies can climb to Level 3, netting you a free RP. Let’s just say that you have a shooter robot. You get your cargo, get to the rocket, and shoot it off. As it’s in the air, time runs out, but it ends up in the hole. Would that count as a scored cargo?

per 5.3 Scoring…

Except for the SANDSTORM bonuses, scores are based on the state of the FIELD when the ARENA
timer displays zero (0), or, if not all elements have come to rest or the ROBOT changes state after being
DISABLED at the end of the MATCH, five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0).


Thank you! So I assume that means buzzer beaters DO count.

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If you shoot a ball right before T=0, then yes it counts. However you’ll have to be careful to move your robot away from any Hatch Panels scored at the very end. Game pieces in contact with a robot at the end will not count as scored (look at table on page 37).

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Note that this goes both ways, too. If your last-second shot somehow dislodges a hatch cover, or if a robot on the Hab platform starts falling off at the last second, you won’t get the points. The referees will be scoring whatever the state of the field is at T+5.