do carried orbit balls need to be within the set dimensions?

I was just wondering, if you were to use a hopper system, would any balls you’re carrying need to stay within the volume limits of the robot, or would they be able to, say, exceed the height limit?

Are the moon rocks part of the robot? How about the Empty Cells and Super Cells?

While I don’t have an official answer, the way I’d interpret the rules is that the robot can not exceed the volume limits, but that anything that isn’t part of the robot (such as the trailer) can. Ask Q&A to be sure.

thats what i thought as well, thanks for the advice too

The game pieces aren’t part of the robot… think about it, does your robot get weighed with game pieces in it? I’m going to have to agree with Eric, I believe they should be able to exceed robot volume constraints, but you’ll want to confirm by Q&A for an official answer.

This question came up in our meeting this evening. Sence I was the one put to look it up, I’ll tell you what I found out. As long as the mechanism is inside of the ‘foot print’ of the robot is does not matter if any game peice is outside of that ‘foot print’.

So yes, the balls can be outside the limits. ( Rule < R11> )