Do carts require locking wheels?

Our team was going to buy / build a new cart. We want to know if, for regulation standards, that all 4 wheels need to be locking to be allowed to build on the cart. If there is a specific ruling for this can you please site it (safety manual or main game manual). Any advice on this would be much appreciated, since we want to be able to finish the cart before comp.

Thank you.

There are no rules about locking wheels that i’ve seen, and many carts at events do not have any locking wheels on them (or if they do, they aren’t used by teams).


As Jon mentioned no there are not it’s just there for conveniences, we use ours as a backup “anchor” since our cart is so heavy so that if by chance a strap breaks from a fallen object of some sort it is still in place when driving down the road, also convenient for when another isn’t strong enough to fully lift a robot I lock the wheels so they may drop it on the cart when they’ve given out but we’ve never had the problem

While not required, I would strongly recommend it. Not all venues have level loading areas, and locking wheels can help keep carts from rolling away when loading and unloading. They can also be used to keep the card from accidentally moving when loading and unloading the robot onto it.


Thank you to all who responded, this insight is quite helpful!

Lol YES, I can’t recall how many times I’d have to use the locking wheels on a ramp, especially if I’m traveling downhill and someone steps in front and I need an “emergency brake” due to the momentum of the cart :joy:

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