Do Channels Matter?

Today I built a holonomic drive train, as can be viewed here, . As can be read from my description, i Programmed Channel Six to be like Channel 4, just the opposite. Why did the robot move much much faster when the button was pressed, as opposed to when the joystick was at full throtle.

could you copy the code into here so I could see it?

The buttons output full forward or full reverse when pressed (255 or 0). If this number is fed directly to the motors, it would be full speed, but pushing the joystick full forward should do the same thing. Try checking the trim on the joysticks to make sure they’re not off right now.

Yeah I was the one who was there and found that out. We didn’t look over the code yet, but I bet Bix did code it at full. I just pressed the back button accidentally and the thing began speeding along at full throttle, almost twice the speed that the bot was running at with joystick in full position.

check the RX ports, we had a problem similar to this were the channels were set for “RX 3” which drives it, but not full strength.

I set the RX port to 1, should it be on auto? And I did program it at full speed. I just used a four motor tank on the right, and a four motor arcade on the left joystick, but one was on channel three, the other on channel six. Did that make sense? Probably not. I programmed it at full speed.

if post the code, all will be answered, I can’t really figure anything out from without the code

It may have to do with the way the channel values are mixed to give the desired motion. I believe there is a transmitter option for mixing as well as mixing done in software. Rather than use their “canned” tank or arcade methods, I would write my own code to read the raw values from the transmitter, map the values, and then send the values to the motors. A few print statements in the code to show the values recieved from the transmitter and the values you are sending to the motors may help point you to the source of the problem.