Do G07/G20 Overlap?

Do G07 (Opponent touching their rope: don’t touch them) and G20 (Let 'em climb: don’t touch their rope) overlap in their fouls?

G07’s penalty triggers an untriggered touchpad. G20 gives a foul and if the contract involved an opposing robot touching their rope then it will trigger an untriggered touchpad.

So if a robot touches an opponent who is trying to climb (touching their rope), then you would’ve broken both G07 and G20. That would give the opposing Alliance two triggered touchpads.

Is that how it is supposed to work?

I think G20 is only referencing G07’s penalty but the rulebook doesn’t make that clear. Feel free to ask the Q&A if someone has access.

The way I read it is there’s four separate things that can happen G07 is if a red robot touches a climbing blue robot G20 is if a red robot is touching a blue rope in A, a blue rope that has a blue robot on it in B and C is if well a red robot is contacting a blue rope a blue robot contacts that red robot

(For clarification blue is trying to climb it’s rope and red is causing the rule violations like the manual has it)

You trigger their touchpad if you touch their robot but not their rope.

You get the foul if you touch their rope but their robot isn’t touching the rope.

You get both if you touch their rope while their robot is touching the rope.

Not sure what the confusion is. Touching the robot and touching the rope are different things.

G07 is a penalty for touching a robot that is trying to climb.

G20 is a penalty for touching the other alliance’s rope.

G20 is not transitive, so you would either get G20 (for touching the rope) or G07 (for touching the robot touching a rope). However, you could be touching both the rope and the robot, in which case you would get both penalties.

The text in the illustration in G20 is more of a reference to G07 than an additional G20 penalty for touching a robot.

The confusion is whether if a robot touches a rope and the opposing robot, will the opposing alliance earn two additional climbs, even if it’s all from the same “incident”?

Per Q282, the penalty isn’t “that particular robot gets a climb even if it didn’t”, the penalty is “add one additional climb to the score, assuming the alliance hasn’t already hit the maximum”. This is a bit different than similar things worked in prior years. Hanging in Stronghold, for instance, was about the specific robot being bumped in the Courtyard at the end, not just a general “credit for another robot” like this year’s rule is. (Usually Q&A answers don’t surprise me too much, but Q282’s answer sure did.)

I would love to see more Q&A posts on how G07 & G20 interact.

I see your issue now. The text in G20 is bad. I’ll ask a Q&A to clarify.

And it’s answered.

Lesson in short: Don’t touch both the opposing Robot or their Rope, and especially don’t touch both of them at the same time!