Do gear boxes for Cims work with Neos?

I am working on a robot that will be using the WCP SS gear box and i would like to know if i can use the NEO motors with it.

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Yeah wherever CIMs go NEOs can go


thank you that is helpful

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You need to also consider the proximity of the motor drive to the motor when you consider the NEOs. If you can manage to place the motors and drives within reach of the standard wiring, you will not need to extend either the encoder signal cable or the motor power cable. It is possible to extend both, if you have to.

Does this make sense?

NEOs were designed to be “drop-in” replacements for CIM-style motors (CIMs & MiniCIMs). They have similar free speeds and stall torques, but they do have different electrical properties. So it’s highly recommended to check that the ratio you’ve chosen won’t burn your motors or kill your battery.

Theoretically, yes. Any place a cim can fit, a neo can. This is nice because you can steal other teams gearbox designs and use them as your own with NEOs. The motor mounting holes are the same distance apart. The only think you have to watch out for is the wires. NEOs have a ton of wires coming out of them(3 pole connectors, 1 encoder output). Make sure that you orient your motor properly so that these wires are managed well.

For example, my favorite team to go and steal some really simple and reliable gearboxes from is 1678. Goodluck!