Do I smell movie deal with IT?

I went to see the movie “The One” with Jet Li and at the end it had a Honda Insight and also a Corbin Sparrow. If you don’t know what these are, I’ll tell you. The Honda insight is a Hybrid vehicle which uses a Gasoline engine and also a 72v battery pack. The Corbin Sparrow is an electric one person (so far) covered, transportation unit. I’ve seen both of these in action while on the Tour De Sol put on byNESEA or the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association.
BTW on that page the truck in the background with the number 18 on it my College’s.
Anyways what I am looking for in the future, besides a Segway of my own, is to see the Segway in some movies. Maybe in the remake of Rollerball or some other movies.
Let’s remake ET with a Segway instead of a bicycle in the famous scene where they ride in front of the moon!!!

I went to the NY Auto Show this year, and at the show there were three Corbin Sparrow models: a one seat Corbin Sparrow I, a two seat Corbin Sparrow II, and a one seat low-slung Corbin SportSparrow.