Do Jaguar Speed Controllers Have Cut Off

My team had a lot of new members on it and we were compairing the differeance between the newer speed controllers and the older jaguars. When we were driving an older bot we noticed that whenever it had a controll error with the mottors stopping randomly the jaguars would shut off and flash red not allowing voltage to pass through… Do the newer ones don not. Do the jaguars have a stall cutoff or something that cuts the signal to the controller when the motors stall? I didnt know what caused that.

Key question: tan Jaguars, or black Jaguars? As I recall, the former did have a current limit in there that would shut the motor down above a certain current. It was marketed as a feature, but most teams interpreted it as “okay, great, another reason to stick with the Victor 888” until the original Talons came along.

Jaguars do make a lovely paperweight, though.

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They are the black ones. I mean i love them honestly just because of how they look… They are absolutly useless tho thats for sure… We were just trying to figure out why they did what they did… The tan ones we havent tested the theory with… But is there a way to remove that feature?

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