Do not know where to get default code

Hey, we are a noob team and im wondering how you can pull up the default code for your robot controller.

All i really wanna do is change the speed of the motors and make it less sensitive.

If you breath on the joystick the robot goes insane. :ahh:

Please help, where is the default code? :confused:

Taken from (good page to bookmark).

“2007 RC”

You need some program that can open up .c and .h files. MPLAB is the basic IDE (integrated development environment). You can, however, (I think) use notepad. You also need a program to build your “project” into a “hex” file. You also need someone with basic knowledge of C programming. Check out the website for more information.

As much as I don’t like IFI right now, they do have a lot of documentation on their site. Go see.

Good luck!
Paul Dennis

That still doesnt tell me where to get the default code.

Are you kidding me???:ahh:

That’s a direct link now to the zip file which contains all the default code.