Do not use KoP Laptop for driver station

The KoP Lenovo is definitely not suited for competition use - we attempted to use it today and the CPU would max out and we would lose control of the robot. It is not powerful enough to handle the driver station software unfortunately. Thankfully, team 2438 let us borrow a laptop - mahalo!


Were you trying to use the laptop for vision processing too? That will easily kill a weak computer…

Otherwise, the laptop provided seems to be in good enough shape to run the DS fine (if the classmate can do it, anything can do it.)


Yeah we did. I guess that’s why then!

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I 100% agree, the Lenovo netbook cannot seem to handle the driver station and shuffleboard with two cameras. We ran it all of yesterday for 6 matches and we didn’t necessarily have any huge issues, it still was painful to work with at times. I set the priority of the driver station program to high and that helped a bit but cpu was still higher than it should be. But in the end, it works but find an alternative if you can.


For next year, look into getting a new, purely driver station laptop. This guide is really handy for finding a good DS laptop.

Used thinkpads fit the bill for DS’s really well.


Totally agree… The kit laptop looks great but I have had multiple rookie teams loose control of their robot because the DS laptop was at 100% CPU. They didn’t have anything else running or installed on the laptop.

Also, many of them try to program their robot with it which just leads to endless frustration.

I set up smart dashboard for their cameras, rather than the default labview dashboard, and made.sue that was the only application running and it was fine after that. But it’s still a really poor experience for our rookies who have no clue why things don’t work.

I think there is a lot of work to do in FRC to help rookies get off to a smooth start, and this is just one of the many speeedbumps that could be smoothed over

I would add that I had a rookie with a the kit Logitech controller which had a bad joystick this weekend. Swapped it out for a PS4 controller and all of a sudden he could actually control the robot for the first time!


Our controller had a dead zone on the right stick - somehow we did fine.

It was their right stick as well. The left stick was totally fine, and moving the right stick towards the left was also fine. But moving the right stick towards the right would produce no output until it was around 50% stroke. Then it would jump to 100% output at about 60% stroke.

This was evident in both the driver station USB tab, and windows gamepad settings. We tried to calibrate the joystick which did not make a significant difference.

Just to follow up, I had another team with the exact same issue with the logitech controller. The left stick was fine, but the x axis of the right stick showed the same issue… Bad batch? /shrug

Not a batch, pretty much all of the Logitech controllers have terrible deadzones.

Looks like we’re going to switch to PS4 controllers next season. Hopefully the button mapping is the same.

It’s not… :slight_smile:

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