Do Talons need fan?

Do they?

I couldn’t explain why passive cooling works sufficiently on them (I’ll leave that to someone more experienced), but the talon’s biggest selling point is their ability to passively cool (meaning no fans). So the answer is no.

We ran 2 side comps no fans on the talons (off the drives). These suckers just never got hot (throw in your 67 pun in now). But the question is why don’t you want fans? We tested them to see how much abuse we could throw at them.

Per the Talon User manual:
The need fans if the continuous current is over 30 amps. They do not need fans if the continuous current is below 30 amps.

Any testing I’ve done/seen so far, the passive cooling tends to do the trick. But we’ll only know for sure after week 1. Just make sure you mount them in a spot where they can breathe.

I think they are unlikely to have any problems in a <30amp circuit. If you manage to pop a few breakers, please post the temp of the Talons.

Longevity is the next issue we’ll be discussing if the passive cooling is inadequate.

Edit: judging by the spec sheet my original guess of 30 amps was pretty close. Use fans if you connect Talons to Cims.

They don’t need them, but it’s never a bad idea to use them anyway. Especially for drive motors that are running constantly at a fairly high amperage.

I have no doubt that if Shaun tried to abuse them and it still works, they are good to go.:slight_smile: