do the

controle board and the oi half to be the same year?

The OI and RI are supplied each year and must be used in order to operate your robot.

As for joysticks and other things you can use a lot of things. (just looking at last years manual) You could use a very large number of components.

I think he is asking if a 2006 rc can work with a 2007 oi.

I’m pretty sure you can interchange O/I and Controllers from any years all the way back to 2004 (I’m sure of this because we have a few robots we use for show and often we use an O/I from a different year than the year of that robot). Just make sure that you have them set to the same channel if your using the radio, if your tethering you should be ably to just plug it in and go.

The OI’s from 2004-2007 can be used interchangeably with any RC from those year’s.
Our 2007 OI turned out to have a bad port and IFI loaned us a 2004 OI to compete with.