do tracks and wheels together make a better robot?

I didnt mean inertia as in scraping your way over the edge with sparks flying everywhere

I meant as in “an object in motion tends to stay in motion (in the same direction)”

in the 2002? game, with the containers and the center ramp, teams needed to be the first ontop of the ramp in auton mode. As a result many bots were airborne as they came off the upward ramp.

THAT kind of inertia ! :^)

that was 2003 (Stack Attack). I know of at least one robot (Crabgoat, Team 190) that had their auto mode programmed to right their robot, as it had a tendency to flip over opposing robots when going over the top. Fun to watch!

Imagine the surprise on the faces of the drivers, operators and coaches as your robot went airborne off the ramp! :slight_smile: Sweet butta!

no surprize - if your bot is going uphill then it MUST get airborne when the angle of the ramp changes suddenly.

The question we all had to calculate was ‘how airborne’. If you went fast enough it was possible to fly over the top of the ramp completely, and land on the other side.

Most bots only got a couple inches of air.

so just drawing a conclusion from these answers yes treads do help if you have a shooter, it does increase ball accuracy, and it helps to get the robot up the stupid ramp that is impossible from my teams perspective.

*** writes note to tell team to use treads***

Don’t limit yourself to just treads. They are an elegant solution to the problem if you can implement them well. I have seen quite a few teams who have done a bang-up job with treads. Just look through some of the pictures pages for past competitions and you will see what I mean. But that doesn’t mean that it is the only solution to the problem. Remember, one problem, 1,000+ teams and 1,000+ different solutions to the same problem.

You can accomplish the same accuracy with wheels it just requires the appropriate implementation of them.

Good luck!

but it lets you gear higher and = faster top speed. depending on how well you can control it… but same with cars. who needs a car that goes 200mph… but people still buy because it has a high top speed. the potential. and just because they can… which we cant… boo

Take a look around on this site to see how tank treads have been implemented over the years. Actually, this is a great resources for any part of your robot.


tank treads may be a good thing for a robot but they are a pain to make.

from how i tried to do it tank treads are sort of like 4 wheel drive with a chain connecting it.

my team is having trouble with just 4 wheel drive, let alone a tread

This is hard ? It is pretty easy to do. with BrecoFlex pulleys and timing Belt

you know if my team knew what brecoflex pulleys and a timing belt were we would probably pat ourselves on the back and act all proud.

i could probably figure out a tread if it wasnt for the fact that it has to be a team decision and othere dont agree on treads

Hey guys, let’s stick to the discussion at hand.

If you would like to learn more about brecoflex timing belts take a look here . If you would like to learn more about how treads have been used in the past try searching the forums for old threads discussing the issue. I would also advise everyone to take a look at this website. It’s a really great resource to use when dicussing designs, as I stated earlier.