Do victor spxs thermal throttle or just melt?

a guy on the team is trying to power a lifter with 2 redlines geared down with the incredibly tall gearing of 12:1. I’ve explained this wont work but he still wants to try it. Will the victor spx controllers thermal throttle and shut off when the motors stall or will they release the magic smoke?

Your motors will burn out.

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before or after the controller?

Before the controller in my experience. When a 775 isn’t spinning, the temperature goes up extremely fast.

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They almost certainly have overtemperature protection, but I’ve never seen it trigger before the breakers or the motor blow.

Just to be clear here, what you should be worried about isn’t the motor controller (Victor SPX) giving up the ghost but the motors themselves (the Redlines). If they draw too much current at stall they heat up super fast and will die within seconds. The victors on the other hand would heat up much slower from the minimal switching losses.

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