Do we have any talented artists in FIRST??

i mean with a pencil or pen… im not that good but i draw fanart for VG cats and other comics and anime… do any of you draw really well??

I draw OK I guess. Anyone have a dA (deviantArt) account?

I’m not bad.
This is Tris. One of my characters from a story I was creating called Advancing Darkness.

i love drawing! i usually stick to pencil not pen though
drawing is one of my passions besides building robots.

I think it would be pretty ironic if I wasn’t good at art. :rolleyes:

But, I am pretty good at it, so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

can we draw well? Is that a trick question?

I guess you will have to tell us. I drew this sitting on a rock for about 3 hours, with technical pens, a few years back.

Extra points for anyone who recognizes the location!



I’m more of a digital artist, I have a deviantArt account at

i have a deviant account

but there are no pics uploaded yet

i still have to get a scanner T_T

I’ve just been taking pics of my art.

you know thats a good idea…

but ill have to get a good close up camera

my dA account is

i have only a few pieces up. that’s mostly because my artsy tendencies have gone down the drain.

I also haev a dA account…

yeah I spelled triangle wrong, but its all good :stuck_out_tongue: All my “art” is digital photography.


I can draw a little, but I never actually sit down and draw pictures. The last piece of ‘artwork’ I drew was over a year ago, as I find it too boring.

Here’s one I drew a while back. (it’s more impressive in real life when you can see the tens of thousands of little dots)



I do mainly two types of art: drawing with a mouse directly on Photoshop or penciling detailed gothic lolita-style anime characters. :slight_smile: If my teammates allow it this year, I’m going to draw some anime renditions of the animation people as a part of the credits in our animation.

Yes, I do a lot of art. I was accepted to CMU for engineering and RISD for Fine Arts. Kind of a big decision, but I chose CMU.

right now i am making a comic about my life… i try to get one done at least everyday…its mostly about me and my friends and other stuff that happens around the school…

i also make signatures for forums… im working on some right now

still nothing in my dA yet i got to take pics of my work and submit still… and finish inking a few…

was it a pic of a lighthouse in michigan on superior… it looks like one my family visited on vacation once

Nope, this lighthouse tasted salty :^)

Perhaps it is on North Dumpling island?


Farther north (the trees are a bit of a giveaway, nothing else grows at this location)