Do we Have To Know Standard C or only basic C with easy c on FRC?

Im asking this because well easyC is very easy to learn and i know it perfectly but… Standard C is a basic learning im accomplishing on my free time? Is it an Advantage if i know how to program already…But never been on FRC:cool:

If i’m understanding your question correctly, which is, “If I have an understanding of C, but not when used w/ the RC, does it make life easyier”, then the answer is yes. I started in FIRST w/ only a basic understanding of C, but just knowing the syntax and the structure make it a lot easier.

thats good to know i wuz like :eek: lol well thanx:D

Thats why we built a C editor in easyC PRO so you can transition from learning easyC, to learning some C, into typing code, writing your own functions.