Do we need to rebuild and deploy after system update?

Our code is currently working with the January system update(v19). After we update to the February system update(v20), what else do we need to do? Working backwards so to speak, do we need to rebuild and redeploy our project? Working further backward and hoping you tell me this is not so: Do we need to start a new project and re-enter all our additions and changes?

Yes, you do need to rebuild and deploy. Reimaging erases the code that was on the robot.

Looking at the change list, there may be a few minor changes you might want to make. You should not need to start a completely new project.

For example, from item 3, if you were counting on the gyro gain being 0.0125, you would need to add the set gyro gain VI. The other item you might want to implement is to remove the gyro close (second to last item).