Do we reset the d link?

Our first FIRST competition is over. (WOW) We can comunicate with the robot via hardwire between the drivers station and the d link but the wireless doesn’t work. Do we have to reset the d link for the wireless to work? Is doesn’t matter which position the switch on the d link is in.

Thank you,
A Rookie Coach,

Yes, follow the instructions you used when you first set it up.

You will have to reset the d-link to the default IP first by holding the reset button.

I’ve tried to restore the proper settings by hand in the past, but it hasn’t worked. Resetting and reconfiguring is the only way I’ve been able to get it back to the normal settings.

Thank you

I did mine in 3 steps:

  1. there is a little switch on the router, set it to AP
  2. log into router, remove WEP.
  3. reboot