Do you bring your own pasta to a pasta dinner fund raiser?

I was wondering when a team holds a pasta dinner fund raiser do people bring their own pasta? I am a member of Team 176 we held our fund raiser on Saturday February 18. The Winter War Zone UTC Scrimmage this is my team’s fund raiser. We raise money by selling food and drinks. I was very disappointed to hear that there were people who were bringing in 5 or 6 pizzas at a time. Also I heard some other people were bringing trays of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I did not see this because I was busy working on the field. All these things were the same items my team was selling. We DO NOT make a lot of money at this scrimmage. We do this to help teams test their robots before the ship date and help FIRST test their field and software. This year we may break even. So I would like to know do people think it is okay if I brought my own pasta to a pasta dinner fund raiser.

Did you have rules regarding bringing in food? All the Regionals and the Championships prohibit it this year. If your scrimmage didn’t, why shouldn’t people bring their own lunch? A half a dozen pizzas don’t go very far on some teams!

Now, if they were bringing in a pile of pizzas and selling them to others, you are justified in being upset.

I’d suggest that team leaders be asked to share with their teams that you are keeping the event fee low by selling food to cover the costs of holding the scrimmage. And to please refrain from bringing outside food and beverages into the facility. I don’t think that information always filters down like we hope it will.

For our pasta night, everyone brings in home made foods, and than we charge people by the person as they come into the area and they pay and than they can eat. Also we have a few raffles here and there. We make alot of money because the parents of the people in the team come and they bring in their families so they dont have to cook that night.

:slight_smile: Last year the pasta was donated by the pasta factory but since hurricane wilma hit south florida they told us no due to lack of funding :(. This year we decided that all the parents were going to bring something and then we pay to get in. It works we have made lots of money with the spaghetti dinner. This year we are hosting it after regionals though.

Please read the first post in this thread carefully. It is not really about a pasta dinner - Bob was just asking if you would bring your meal that you purchased somewhere else, into someone’s fundraiser? There may be valid reasons for doing so - dietary restrictions or food allergies, for example. Or maybe you weren’t made aware that the host team was paying the cost of holding the scrimmage through the food sales, which you would have supported had you known.

Thank you for clarifying what I was trying to say. :slight_smile: