Do you celebrate your team number day?

On Monday night we are having our first ever **341st Day ** of the year Team Night. We thought it was a great opportunity to get the team together for a random celebration of our team, have some pre-building season pizza and go through some team building exercises.

I was wondering if any other teams do anything to celebrate their special Team Number Day?
Do any Teams have numbers that fall on special days, like shipping day or the Championship?

Just curious.

Never even thought to do such a thing (July 10th. That would make a nice off season activity).
A rather novel idea, though.

I think it is kinda hard to celebrate 836th day of anything. It works for some teams i guess.

We couldn’t celebrate the 1110th day, but we could celebrate 11/10. Too bad that’s already past, good idea.

Never thought of that, but it sounds like a nifty idea. Ours falls on Kickoff-eve. =D So we could probably do something then. That’d be cool! Good idea.
Meh, then again, we wanna get out of school as soon as possible, so yeah, big problem. Annnnd sleep issues. Wanna get bunches of sleep before kickoff. That’d be nice. Because after Kickoff…ZOMBIE MODE, HERE WE COME!

Well hon, could always do the 836th hour of the season 'cause that’d be your hour…if that’s possible. :yikes:

We celebrated 10/02 with a carwash :smiley:

Over here in Melvindale - The city has dedicated a day to us…

and around the 5th for us would be close to kick-off! :smiley:

kind of hard to celebrate 571 cause not that many day in a year and it can’t be broken like 5/71 or 57/1 but it is still a great idea

maybe we can do it once every two years?

what about 5/7 at 1pm = May 7 @ 1pm

A really good idea. You’re team deffinately has some public relations skills. But as for 1418, its a lost cause because…well…I’m pretty sure you can figure it out.

That works really well for MOE 365, they get to have a robotics team new year’s eve party!

Except on leap years.

Team 125 can celebrate on April 5th.

I’m always reminded of my team whenever my clock says 11:39

Hey you could always do hours, as one person suggested.

571/24 = 24 days

1139/24 = 47 days


how’d you manage to get that?

In our first or second year we got our mayor to come to a competition - and he was just jaw-dropped at what we where able to do. So he said if this program can get students to this - it should be a national holiday. But due to him only being the mayor for Melvindale - he gave us a city day. :slight_smile:

Darn! We already missed the only way I can think of to celebrate our day. 1/5/04… :confused:

Any day during January of this year (01-05) at 4 AM? I’m sure you being a college student you can think of something…


Everyone will be celebrating our team day…It’s on kickoff!
Jan. 8th- 1/08

our team is 1023…this year on October 23rd the majority of the team took the ACT…so, we didn’t do that much celebrating

Wouldn’t my teams day be Feb. 14th? or would it be April 5?