Do you do sports?

Hey guys,

A little poll against the prejudice (outside FIRST) that FIRSTlers are geeky and not sporty at all.
What sports do YOU do outside the FIRST season?

Just interested…

if i could be in NASCAR or the IRL, i would. it’s not a kids sport. oh well i guess i’ll have to wait a while

but…but…but all of those sports take place outside. aren’t there bears outside?

taken from some penny arcade strip. couldn’t find the right one. :stuck_out_tongue:

now, i don’t hate sports, i’m just not good at them. which translates into english as, no, i don’t play sports on a school team. :smiley: that would take up so much valuble time that i could be getting a nice, healthy, tan–from my moniter!!! :cool:

Do you mean tan or skin cancer? Anyway, you usually don’t play hockey, swim or do martial arts (sometimes, if the weather is really good or really bad - painful experiences that I loved…) outdoors (if you are on a team…) and you usually play tennis indoors in winter. Yesterday we were running and doing sprints in the rain for about 40 minutes and about half of the team complained - so much about tennis indoors and the school team - sports association (I don’t mean it, I am just being a bit mean).
Oh, by the way, I don’t consider Curling or Motorsports sports (and chess neither).

awwww…why can’t curling be a sport? :stuck_out_tongue:
badminton, baby! hmm…note to self, better racquet needed :rolleyes:
nearly every person on 668 plays a sport. most of us are either in badminton, swimteam/waterpolo, or softball

I played 2 sports in high school, one of which is not listed. I was a basketball player and a soccer player.

For my first 2 years of HS i played soccer, but i had some issues with some team members and their gigantic egos (jerks) so i just gave it up, but i have been playing rec hockey for 7 years or so, Indiana is a “basketball” state so the closest hockey league is over an hour away from home and it was too much trouble to travel down there during school and everything.

baseball is the best.

Hockey And Football! Woo-hoo!! My other choice was robotics, too :p!!

I played football for 9 years but stoped after thethird knee surgury. I also realized that I was begining to fit into the jock category so i decided to become a nerd instead. :slight_smile:

well, contrary to my earlier post, i actually do things outside. no, it’s not quite sports. i’m a boy scout, and if you ask me, that kinda wipes the “nerd” title away from me :D. i mean, if some “cool” kid came up to me and annoyed me, it’s fun to think about how if we were in the middle of nowhere, i’d be perfectly fine, while he’d be like, dead. :smiley: besides, my troop is pretty cool, and i like going on campouts. for some strange reason, i always seem to get the best sleep when i sleep outdoors. plus, as an added bonus, we get to burn things, LOTS of things, on campouts, and when the local church has the “Burning of the Greens” right after Christmas. oh yeah, boy scouts is fun. :smiley:

What is this sleep you speak of?

Boy scouts is ALL about burning things, its one of my favorite parts. I mean what’s the point of having the remote controlled plane if you don’t happen to spill some fuel and light it on fire, yeah I don’t know either…


2000 sportsmanship award
and now…
2002 sportsmanship award

hmm, we don’t have r/c planes. but we have made some big bonfires. :smiley: one time, we had to dig out the firepit, to fit all the wood in. after it was going, i don’t think there was anyone within like, 20 ft of it, and those were the people who had to throw more wood on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I’m suprised no one is a runner. Oh well, I guess everyone can’t do cool sports like track or xc :smiley:

Anyways, you forgot about the best sport out there: Ultimate Frisbee! If you don’t play Ultimate Frisbee, you don’t play. Okay, okay, blame my Frisbee-Hardcoreness on the place I go to during the summer - if this poll was posted there and UF wasn’t included, someone would be shunned from society :wink:

calm down dan, just cause where you go doesn’t have computers, and your forced to get a tan, well, that’s you own fault. :smiley:

yeah yeah, track and xc are the sports of people who don’t want to do sports, blah blah blah. But still, nothing beats Ultimate Frisbee.

um, no one said anything about track and xc being the “non-sport” sports.

i run varsity xc. its probably one of the hardest sports out there. i ran it for 4 years and still can’t figure out why.

i ran it for 4 years and still can’t figure out why.

Because running is fun and you can use it for (almost) every other sport. I actually wanted to do CC too, but then there was a thing called Robotics at the same time (not FIRST, OCCRA)…