Do you even lift?

I thought I’d post this picture of our FTC lifting robot and see if anyone got the reference :slight_smile:

Bro, do you even FTC?

  • Sunny G.

Oh god, it’s spreading…

First Reddit was been overtaken, now Chief Delphi :eek:

With that said:

Photo Credit goes to Libby Kamen.

I only watched the video, and didn’t read the manual.

Is there anything preventing a team from lifting a partner like 10’ high, for 10125 point bonus?

The bonus ends after 24" at a max of 145 points.

I for one would appreciate if CD remained relatively meme free. I believe we already have a thread dedicated to FRC memes, in the Chit-Chat forum. If you have memes, please post them there.

OP, your picture was funny. I like a good laugh. But please don’t reply with more memes. IMO, they’re not very professional, and belong in a different part of the forum. As F22Rapture noted, they are quite rampant on the internet, and I would prefer a more professional atmosphere on the majority of CD than we usually see on the internet.

Are there videos of any good lifts? This sounds like something fun to see

I don’t have any video’s but I have a picture from the Clarkson University Championship. Before lift on the left and after the lift on the right.

Another picture of this beast pre-lift, with the towers folded down. I don’t think i have any of it completely folded up, but the platform folds up in the middle and it slides together. It was definitely awesome.