Do you have a battery boi?

So this off-season we needed to make a box for some batteries to carry while going to a DC event. We made the box and then added “Battery Boi” to it. We have a member who is our “Battery Boi”, we have him change batteries and make sure they’re charged. Even better the box has straps like a backpack so he wears at competitions!!! Its a fun way to have younger members gain responsibility and experience in the pit. We also call him “battery boi” now, he goes along with it perfectly so it makes it so much better!

Does any other team have a battery boy? or battery girl? Or anything similar?

Our team has a battery boy; however, he does not wear a backpack at competitions. He gets batteries and makes sure they are all charging when we are not using them.

Yes, we have a Power Management Engineer on the team. It’s usually a responsible freshman or sophomore on the team. His/her responsibilities include taking voltage readings, recording batteries used vs fully charged, selecting a new fresh battery for the next match, ensuring battery swap-out happens (we use a Pit battery when testing and or filling pneumatics accumulators prior to a match).

It’s a pretty critical job actually.

You might want to consider renaming the position and box.

I’m assuming it was not meant as such, but boi does have a different connotation in the LGBTQ community.

Some years, there’s a student who takes it upon himself to be in charge of the batteries during competition. Other years, the batteries just get used in rotation. When someone does stand out as taking good care of the robot power, I usually present them with a “Battery Wrangler” award at our end-of-season team party and awards ceremony. It’s typically a gold-colored battery flag (one of the pre-AndyMark style) mounted on some sort of stand.

Thanks for the heads up lol, I didn’t realize and wouldn’t want to get the wrong message across FIRST!!

You may want to consider having a battery $@#$@#$@#$@#$@# instead.

Our Battery Boi

He’s growing up so quickly

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Every new member of the team is trained as Battery Tender. Trained in charging, prepping, repairing and changing not only Robot batteries but also power tool batteries as well. It’s easy to forget the drill batteries.

That box looks incredibly uncomfortable and not ergonomic. Not to mention that the pits are a very busy place and that a sudden turn could have the individual with the plywood box whacking someone in the head.

While I agree with the purpose of this position, I’d encourage the use of a more professional title to go along with the position. This will underscore the importance of the position and its duties.

We once had Naven, the Battery Maven.
Later we had BattMan (he’s no boy).
He was followed by Robin. (The Boy Wonder.* I wonder about that boy*…:stuck_out_tongue: )
BattMan’s little brother is on the team now, he was Mini BattMan (no relation to Minibots) last year.

We always give this job to a freshman.
And, I agree, it is the most important position on the team.

“Freshman, get me a battery!”
Well, maybe not quite like that, but we usually recruit some freshman to fetch our batteries.

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