Do you have a battery boi?

I think perhaps you should take a breaker and cool down before you boil off some noxious steam.

*Wouldn’t joule like to think that, in the current situation, CD could be galvanized into action to lead the way to greater things?

You have catalyzed here an important question.
Perhaps our plates of work overload have oxidized sufficiently that we all find these puns overly amusing so we have in-rushed this poor topic.

I don’t know, I am sensing some resistance to a change in the flow of these puns.

I don’t want to be negative, but wire we telling so many puns currently? There are amp-le puns already in this thread, and it’s quite shocking. I’m con-fused as to why we’re still **generating **them, and to me, these jokes have lost their spark. I know my suggestion will be met with resistance, but I think we should take a **breaker **from these puns and try to **conductor **serious conversation now.

What you don’t have any internal resistance to dead shorting this fun?

I love these puns!!! I’ll be using them during competition.

You could title the list “An ode to batteries.” Warning though, using too many at once in the wrong company might end terminally for you.

I’m sorry that one was just horrible…

Good thing this isn’t a private forum. If this were to leak, they’d think you were all on acid.

#TheseArentJanesPuns #AndMostArentBillfredsPunsEither

When we get charged, it’s a good thing we have mechanisms to vent or else we could create an explosive atmosphere.

Is this to get them into shape for lifting the robot at part of the drive team? That might be a good incentive for the team member to do a good job.

Sorry for breaking the streak of puns. Mine tend to be really lame.

I guess we have an open circuit now. :ahh:

If he’d used a fuse instead of a breaker, we’d be a lot more burned out.

Wow, I missed that I had inadvertently inserted a pun.

The fuse must have been a slow-blow type.


(oh, aaaaaand this is apparently my 2000th post. smh, indeed.)

What type of surface-mounted hardware are you referring to? :smiley:

We assign a battery personnel to keep track of our batteries. We generally have two students who work in shifts. We keep the battery beak attached to our cart so in the event that our battery people aren’t around, the drive team can check charges. It is the responsibility of these students to rotate the batteries, and relay them to the arena if need. Also, our batteries are each uniquely assigned a name of an important historical figure in STEM, so we just ask for batteries by name instead of number.

That’s a smart way to signify which battery is which, numbers tended to become confusing last season. I was usually slitting the battery duty last year with a senior, now I’ll be focused solely on the robot maintenance, and potentially driving if I fit the needs of the DT.

We did our first three years, though without the “backpack box”; this year we have a Batt Girl. (at least three people independently called her that on the first day (yesterday); she’s already tired of it!) This is the first year that we’ve identified the batteries rather than just rotate them; she decided to name them after German scientists. I suspect that she just likes to use umlats (her name is Zoe with an umlat on the e).

I’ll take a breaker from the galvanic pile-on. Franklin, I think that’s Leyden directly to ground.

My amperologies; that should read directly to ground.