do you have a Robot Ramp??

i was wondering if any other team had a ramp that allows an alliance (or oponent) to climb up on top of yours ot get the 50 pts. if the space is crowded on the HDPE.

please tell me if you have one like ours.



Note: We have made some modifications since this picture was taken. Come check us out at the Arizona regional to see just what =)

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**Bah! …


BAH ??? …

Check out this video …

The vid didn’t work =(

Btw, I wasn’t saying “Bah” to your robot, I was saying “Bah” because you didn’t see our thread from before :wink:

We took them off though, and converted one of them to a “bin catcher” for when we hit the wall. After seeing that being stationary on the ramp for a long period of time is nearly impossible, we decided it wasn’t worth it to have a ramp. Don’t get me wrong… we stay on that ramp… but like all the AZ teams have witnessed at the regional, there is a lot of movement while you are up there :rolleyes:

Sorry about that … Okay … try this link …[email protected]/lst?.dir=/RoboDevils&.view=l

then click on “1018-1024 on ramp”.

Looks like that works pretty well. Hope your prepared to take a lot of traction damage on the top of that thing. Lots of teams messed up the hdpe, and that stuff you got is gonna take damage too. Very nice though.

we have one assembled, but alas we can’t use it 'cause it would put us >10lbs overweight. Yikes!