Do you have a working autnomous mode?

Do you have a working autonomous mode? Please answer the poll and let us know how accurate it is, what the probability is that it will actually place a tetra, and any other important details.

(I know that some of this has already been addressed in other threads, but I want to readdress the issue now, after shipping)

This year our team has come up with 4 auton modes.

-1. Starts with given tetra in center position-spins turret and caps center goal

-2. Robot starts in corner on auto loader side- robot drives to auto loader, picks up tetra, comes back and gets in position to cap corner goal.

-3. Robot starts on human player side-Hits hanging tetra and moves in position for human player loading.

-4. Robot starts on autoloader side - robot hits hanging tetra and moves in position in front of auto loader.

We do not have number 2 working exactly the way we want it yet due to the fact the robot must be positioned perfectly for it to work, but the others are working fine to the best of my knowledge.

We got autonomous working Friday morning. After that, the Friarbot successfully knocked off the hanging tetra on the side closest to the auto-loader (scoring 1 point) in every match except for one, and that was because our alliance partners had us starting in the center where our autonomous wasn’t designed to work from.

Team 1370 has a working autnomous code that works all the time to knock down the hang tetra from ether side with the same code.

Our auto (because we didn’t have weight for the camera, but that may be changing :)) caps any goal on our side, if we start with the tetra, or knocks down either magnetic tetra. Then tries to get to the autoloader… sometimes we just go to the auto loader. Toward the end of Phoenix it was working 4 out of 5 times. Of course on the practice field it worked flawlessly every time :smiley:

We developed an Auto mode At the end of the day Friday at VCU (I think) that starts with a tetra and caps it on center. We tested it on the practice field. It missed once, because of the way we set it up, and the second time, it put it up but ended up “not fully capped” on the goal. Since the testing we adjusted the speed backing up after it drops down the tetra (which is why it didnt mesh well).
Unfortunately, our partners never wanted us to use it since most of them wanted to start with the tetra and were sure they could be more accurate with it.
Oh well. If we attend an offseason, we plan to execute our secret autonomous weapon. I put 50% in the poll, because after seeing it perform, I’m pretty sure itd work at least 50% of the time.

We had a working autonomous mode when we shipped. We broke it at the Boilermaker Regional when an attempt to fix a joystick scaling problem inadvertently threw the PID tuning for our arm out of whack. A subsequent attempt to fix the PID ended up with it being too underpowered to reach the target position, or even to move at all when it was commanded to move a short distance. I didn’t figure that out until Sunday after the regional was over.

We do have a working atuonomous mode infact we have a whole leap of them. problem is deciding which oe that we need to use.

We have a working autonomous. The bad thing is if the robot moves (which it did on the first day of our regional) it means that the autonomous code is not working. :ahh: If it places a tetra then something is seriously wrong!

Team 1286 had two autonomous programs working at the Detroit Regional competition last weekend. Both programs swung the alliance tetra in the
direction of the corner goal to knock down the hanging tetra.
Success rate was 4 / 5 in competition, but 0 out of 2 in quarterfinals.

For two competition rounds, I programmed the auto mode to swing twice,
but the swing was too much and I lost the tetra during the swing!.

To prepare for Nationals, we will introduce mode to be ready to cap center
goal if tetra provided in middle (assumes both alliance partners will use
their arms to knock down tetras).

Team 66 has a fairly good autonomous mode, focused on placing a vision tetra on any of the three center goals. At GLR, it succeeded in doing it 3 times during practice day and once during quarterfinals. Otherwise, it stops after pick-up or gets extremely close (I mean that when I say it, EXTREMELY C-L-O-S-E.) So accuracy is 90% when putting the tetra over the goal. But actually capping, less than 50%. We hope to improve that over at West Michigan.

Our autonomous was a hanging tetra whacker. It had a 100% success rate. Then we decided to try something else. Since we have to swing our arm over the robot to get the hanging tetra, why not start out with the alliances tetra leaning on the back? We scored that one under the middle goal around 50% of the time after we programmed it. Our alliance scored a triple play in autonomous (only one that I know of) in Phoenix, when our partner (don’t recall who it was) hit the other tetra on the other side under the goal. That made for a 13 point autonomous mode.


Team 384 has an auto mode that takes the robot to the manual loading station so that when the 15 seconds is over our human player can take off and put the tetra on the robot. It worked every match.

How does Team 1370 do either hanging one with only 1 code

We do this also.
It’s very simple… We don’t even turn the 'bot. We just place it on the field facing the correct direction :stuck_out_tongue:

We have several, some we used at the Boilermaker, some we will use at Midwest and some we may wait until Nationals to unleash. (Al snickers in the background as he presses the submit button.)

We hardly had any time to code except for at the regionals, but we managed to write two auton programs with another switch for which side of the field. One turrets and knocks the hanging one (we found turreting was best because if you just set the robot facing the right direction, then it wastes valuable seconds when the drivers have to straighten it back out), adn the other will drop the tetra we are holding into the center goal and then turret and knock down the hanging.

what we do is knock down the hanging tetra and then go to the auto loader and pick up a tetra. hahahahahaha worked 9 out of 10 times.

Cyber Blue’s autonomous knocks down the hanging tetra from the goal. It is accurate, I would say, upwards of 100 percent of the time.

Team 1251, The Techtigers have 3 programs and they all work 100% of the time. For some reason we always use the same one since it seems to be the one that fits our strategie the best.