do you have any part of previous years robots in your house

do you guys and gilrs have any part of previous years robots in your house or bedroom? i know i do, i one of the bumpers form last year that i made.

Yes…yes I do. LOL.

Last year our robot had “wings” to push the bins over with and I happened to be on that subteam. Well…at the end of the year they awarded every student who was part of B^4 (Bob’s Baracade Bin Busters) an award with a mini-wing on it.

I also have a few spare peices floating around somewhere too which is odd since I am the least mechinical person on my team.

my room is full wtih gears that i have machined before… they are all on my walls as display… and the gears that we have used on our bot last year…among all there are some which teeth is gone… its shaved… (its our tranny’s fault)… also got some gearbox… mm… wheels from the robot… if i can find and think of something else i will edit it…

I do, actually…

it’s called SMITE. It was originally going to be a goal grabber from 2001’s game, but we didn’t use it, so I took it, modified it, and now use it as a Discouraging tool (discourage people from PDA in the robo lab, discourage free-loaders (food), etc etc etc, hehe)

No, but I have part of another robot.

We shattered a teams Lexan side last year in our first practice match. They ran into us on the ramp. I kept a small piece of the shattered Lexan. It ended up being kind of a lucky charm of sorts.

points to title

I got a wheel!

As a going away present sniff this past January, I got a wheel from last year’s robot. It’s signed by everyone! :slight_smile:

I have some random stuff floating around. Nothing too big though, although the past two summers I’ve had a robot residing in my garage.

I actually don’t have anything from our robot. I did store a robot at my house temporarily (between demos in the off season) and I did have a lot of raw materials (aluminum, steel, pvc pipe, ect.) stored in my garage laying under my Mustang when we lost our storage space but I brought all that stuff to our school by the time spring came and I wanted to get the Mustang out. I do have a lot of other stuff that was discarded from where I work like pnuematics and electrical. This comes in handy when I decorate for Halloween. I have a pnuematic cylinder with a 1 1/2" bore and a 6 foot stroke which is good for hiding behind the shrubs with a ghost attached to it. When the kids come up the sidewalk to the door all I have to do is fire the cylinder and the ghost pops up from behind the shrubs. :smiley: The cylinder was originally used on a pnuematically driven axis for a injection molding robot.

I don’t get to have robots spend the night anymore :frowning: sniff I miss FIRST and my team so much. It’s been a really long year with no Robotics, and I dread each day. I used to have robots in and out of my place all the time, sometimes even two at a time prior to, betwee, and after PR events, shows, and post season competitions.

does a whole robot count? our team doesnt have permanant storage or a year round site, so after our last event we need to disperse the possesions of the team across the mentors

and everyone ends up with a stack of containers or a robot in one corner of their garage or basement

(Shhhhhhh! dont tell my wife - she thinks thats my sailing gear! :^)

i have a pile of motors, pnumatics, tubing, and a crapload of other parts from as far back as 4 years ago.

this is becasue last year or was it two years ago, our someone on our team threw away a whole bunch of stuff, so i grabbed all that i could stuff into my back pack, and tape to it, and carry away

I have a belt from our robot that snapped last year at IRI…not much use for a broken belt and last year the drive team from team 128 ripped off the treads they put around their wheels (for extra traction) and gave me and some other people a piece of it. Our belt is hanging right above my head and the other piece sits in front of my monitor

I found a broken radio in my desk drawer the other day.


I have a wheel from our 2002 bot. I pratically made the thing by myself, so it very special to me.


From the 2003 HOTBOT:

  • a bent front axel
  • the first verson of our indicator that told the drivers the stack was being held securely (It later was replaced by a pot.)

And I was given an old window wiper motor from our OCCRA junk. :slight_smile:

-Pat McCarthy
HOT Team Webmaster

of course! there’s a gear my dad modified… the custom electronics board from last year’s robot (replete with sweat and tears)… and the sliver of 80-20 that I have on a necklace!

And speaking of housing robots at your house, I had our robot from last year under my mom’s grand piano for 4 or so days. When we opened up the wings and the lift… It looked like it was holding up the piano. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures :frowning: .

Unfortunatly many of the parts from my old high school robot have been canibalized for other projects. I do, however, have an authentic battle worn front panel from our 2003 robot, comeplete with all the dents and knicks a good seasoned robot should have.

geesh…my garage stores the CHAOS 131 editions of 2000, 2001,2002,2003 and 2004 will be here soon since our "official’ season is over. All are still in working order. The 1994 edition was just given to some team members last week to “get working”.

I’ve got a rotating light, a victor, and the casing and magnets from a chipperwohl (sp?) motor.

Pulled it all out of the bad parts bin at Small Parts in Houston. (I was one of the guys working there) We had a lot of fun with that chipperwohl motor magnet…we magnetized all of the scissors at Small Parts, and de-magnetized this one guy’s hotel key…

I have part of the blue lens cover we smashed in Long Island last year, and I have part of this years bot too. At the UTC regional they cut off part of our front to get the ball grabber working better so they gave me the pieces since it was the top of the bulldog that I had worked on to get CNC’ed(I also have the same piece from our practice bot becuase they just chopped that off last night.)

Also our coach this year has the hand from our 02’ bot because it was her hand shrunk to 60% of its original size.