Do you have something against texas?!?!

Let me tell you what…

Its not a good idea to mess with Texas j/k.

Does it matter where it is?

Personally, I thing Vegas would have been good

“…its gettin hot in herre, so lets take off our”…er…never mind, i let my rap side get ahold of me just then…dont mind me its been a long week, but if the ladies know the song u can go ahead an do the last part of that song :wink: j/k, slaps face see i need to change my mind, its gettin dirty!


Whoa ussually i am confused, now i have no idea what is going on

Texas confused me.

I was spawned in Texas. I only lived there for two years . . . in HOUSTON! - parents were Rice grads. my grandparents live there so i return once a year.