Do you have Spore?](

Quick question: with spore having just come out today (sunday)… who has it? who wants it? If you have it, how do you like it?

It looks so awesome I’m almost willing to buy even before it comes down in price…


I might buy it. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that as far as game play goes it kind of sucks… The real (or might I say “only”) fun part is making things. If you’re not into SimCity, The Sims, Halo 3 Forge, or Gmod prepare to be disappointed… But if you are, rock on!

I’ve had hours of fun already making stupid looking beasts with the creature creator. I really would like to see my minions destroy the earth :rolleyes:

I can’t wait to play it; SimCity 4 Rush Hour (not Societies, which IMHO is a step backward) with NAM and other add-on mods is one of my favorite games.

Right now, Spore is currently downloading to my computer, but I had to throttle the connection to spread out the download over a few days. Nothing is more excruciating that having to manually throttle a download to stay under a 4gb/day college dorm bandwidth limit on an Internet connection that can easily handle 1 Gb down (and up!) per hour.

I finished acquiring the software, however, I’ve had too much work to play with it. It’s installed though! :rolleyes:

And yeah, I agree with Art that Societies was a step in the wrong direction… I really wanted to see Sim City 4 with MORE modes of transportation, MORE utilities, MORE zoning, etc etc.

Hope that Spore is good (might play some today in class.)


I have it and love it so far. I haven’t actually gotten past the tribal stage yet, but so far I think even the gameplay is amusing. If nothing else, wandering around and seeing the other creatures is pretty cool. Can’t wait to get to space and start conquering the galaxy.

Interesting but I don’t think I’ll drink this kool-aid.
Too cartoonist for my taste. I’m a avid Civilization player, train/flight simmer and sitting down with me for a game of Risk will lead to your defeat .
Don’t even think of taking me on with Initial D…hehehe

-p :cool:

I probably wont get it. Looks interesting but not worth my money. From what Ive seen it looks pretty cool though just not my kind of game.

Have you ever used the NAM addon for Rush Hour/Deluxe? There are a lot of good SC4 mods on the same site as the previous link that really make the game much more interesting.

Also, another interesting game in the pipeline that I’m waiting for is CitiesXL by Monto Cristo. It looks like SC4 on steroids, especially since it allows you to build everything at any angle you want.

You have my full attention now!

-p :cool:

Picked it up at the midnight release, along with like 20ish other people from my dorm :smiley: at which point I played it (no joke) for 4 hours straight before deciding SOME sleep was necessary.

Honestly, both my roommate and I have been following the reviews online (going from “meh it’s not what we were expecting” to the now hordes of angry kids going from site to site giving it 1 star ratings), and neither of us can see where they’re coming from. Sure it might not be as challenging as Starcraft II, but everything up to the Space stage is just straight up FUN. I plan on going through at least a few more times, if not to just watch the creatures interact some more.

However, the Space stage is insane. They could have released this standalone as a totally different game (call it “Galaxies” or something) and it would be phenomenal. It’s kinda similar to Eve Online, but without the tedious boringness. It’s just unbelievably open-ended; it might seem kinda random at first, but once you start getting into it (making alliances, warring with enemy alliances, etc) it’s just unlike anything I’ve ever played before.

Verdict? GO BUY IT NOW

(oh also, anybody who already has it, post up your username so we can subscribe/buddy/whatever they’re calling it. GeeForce here :))

Now I can create new life forms without stinking up the whole basement!

I have played Spore - it’s a really fun game! Making the creatures is really neat and you can access creature creator separately. Eating stuff is also kinda cute, and the whole game in general goes at a pretty decent pace. It’s so easy to have a lot of variety.

I will say honestly though that I think the price being charged commercially is a little much.

Got it Sunday. I’ve played through to the end game in about 4-5 hours. It’s entertaining, but it is not as deep as I had hoped it would be. I’ve gone back and started another “race” and i’m taking my time getting though the level. I’m getting ready to take this race to space. I’ll let you know what I think about the end game stuff next week. I really hope it’s more “dense” than the first 4 stages

I’m thinking of getting the game but I’m wondering if the book is worth it. I see that you can download it directly from EA Games, but I assume that doesn’t come with the owners book. For those who have it, is the book worth driving to the store for or can I just save the gas money and download it?

I would, but of course my computer’s “outdated”.

I picked it up Monday. Still trying to figure it out.

I’m not to happy over all with the DRM I didn’t read though…

Supposedly you only get three installs and then it won’t work of which I’ve already used two because the game would not load when I first installed it. I think something got bugged up because I did install the trial creature creator.

You can also only have one online account which stinks especially if you have other people who want to use it like me!

I have not played it all that much yet, maybe two hours or so.

Now if I can just figure out how to get my creatures into a .stl format for 3d printing!:smiley:

Yeah… I’ve been following that pretty closely. If I had known about that before picking it up at the midnight release, I probably would have pirated the game instead and sent my $50 directly to Will Wright. EA really messed up on this one and I regret supporting them for it.

(it’s still an incredible game though, if you get a chance to play I highly recommend it. the space stage continues to be never ending for my roommate and I, and we’ve gotten into the hobby of making recreations in the Spaceship creator [check out some of his stuff here])

I played Spore at a friends house, and it was actually really fun. I was considering to buy it, but it would take up too much of my homework time, so I decided not to.