Do you know any frictionless 3D filament?

Does anyone know any 3D filamemt thats frictionless against aluminum? Whats the best material PLA, ABS? Any other filament?

Igus has some filament available. Never printed with it, but Iā€™d try if I were you.

Not frictionless, but you could always spray a coating on the plastic, such as a teflon or dry film to make the surface slicker. We typically do that anyways in locations we have plastic rubbing aluminum.

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There was some in First Choice this year, but it is sold by the roll as well.

IGUS also has 3D printing services: I had a good chat about it with them at Pacific Design-West.

Stratasys offers a low-CoF material called Diran on their F123 series printers.

Nylon has served us well (onyx) although most nylon performs well on aluminum (printed or otherwise), especially if it is in a low RPM/large diameter environment. I would recommend reaming/machining the nylon to final dimension, and machining (if possible)/cleaning the surface of the aluminum with scotchbrite. A little bit of grease goes a long way as well.

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