Do you know the rules?

Every year, as part of the drive team selection process, Team Neutrino makes a test over the rules to assess potential drive team members’ knowledge of the rules.

I thought that the test might be useful to other teams and promote a better general understanding of rules in the FIRST community, so I decided to post it here.

The test covers the following topics:
The Arena
Field elements, layout and markings
Field Zones
Player Stations
Game elements

The Game
Match Timing
Match Logistics
Point values for different scoring situations
Game Rules

The Tournament
Practice Matches
Qualifications Matches
Qualification Seeding Sort order
Playoff matches
Referee Interaction
Yellow Cards & Red Cards
Match Replays
Timeout and Backup Team Rules
Defense Selection
Championship Additions

Test #1Key

Test #2Key


I really like the categories concept! Here is a link to our teams game test.

Thank you for posting these! Our team may use some of these questions in our quiz that we hope to use in our drive team selection process.

Excellent test, Team Neutrino.

I also like your website a lot.

I usually supply a test also, and will be adding some more questions now.

Thank you for providing the answer keys, the explanations are good, referencing the Game Manual as they do.

I only provide the answer key(s) to those that request it, as some team members may lurk on CD and use the answer keys to perform better on the test.
But you made two versions, so, in the end they still will learn the rules even if they “cheat”.

Problem on #2, True/False Question #8. The answer is BOTH True AND False, depending on when in the match you’re asking. The answer key assumes Teleoperated. The problem is that Automode reverses that!