Do you need a intern?

To the Point:
I’m looking for a Summer internship, and am looking now on chiefdelphi to see if anyone knows of one at their company

**A bit about me: **
Currently I a Freshmen studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Hartford. In the next coming years I plan on doing a concentration in Manufacturing, due to my interest in fabrication and working with my hands. At Hartford, I am active in ASME and Design Team, Formual SAE team, and Theater Lighting.
Formally I was a member of Team 1099, from 2010 to 2014. I spent many years focusing on media and public relations eventually leading to me leading all public relations for the team. My final year was spent as Captain, where I changed quite a lot, leading to the most successful season to date. In addition to this, I participated in every part of the design process teaching me skills such as brainstorming, C.A.D, machining, and electronics.
Other interests of mine include Theater Lighting which I did in High School and Head at URJ Eisner Camp.

I am currently looking for a Summer internship, not only to gain experience but to find what I like and want to pursue. I have been applying to many larger companies around the country. I realized that Chiefdelphi is full of engineers who work for companies and appreciate the skills that FIRST has given its participants. **If anyone here knows of any internship opportunities in their company relating to engineering, manufacturing, or even Theater Lighting please PM me or Email me at my email address below.  ** I am more than willing to give you any necessary info and answer any questions. 

-Samuel Waldman

Thank You