Do You Remember Life Before The Segway?

It’s been a good six years.

Sorry, Dean.:stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, are they making fun of it, or am I missing something? There are segway drive in theaters?

Ah, youth.

Please let a little bit of Andy Baker rub off on you! :rolleyes:

Almost everything in that video really does apply to myself. I’ve still yet to find a Segway drive-in, but I bet the handicap spots in the [conventional] movie theater would work if they aren’t being used. :smiley:

If gas prices continue to climb (they are projected to reach as high as $3.50 or $3.75 this summer! :eek: ), using a Segway to commute to and from work could become more and more attractive for many people. Since a fully charged Segway has a range of up to 24 miles, and studies show that more than 50% of all people live within 10 miles of their job, having many “average” people use Segways to commute every day sound like a sensible choice to me.

Well, it was from The Onion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you remember the first time you did it on a Segway? Boy oh boy… let me tell you. Took a lot of getting used to. First time I tried, we almost fell over, but you know what? That darn Segway caught us…


I was thoroughly entertained. Thanks for that.

Please note that it’s not safe for work…

but that was quite entertaining. Thanks.

(scurries off with laptop to continue programming homebrew Segway code)

Kathie K. was telling me about this video. Great Work! It really is kind of sad how the segway has ‘flopped’, but with the current price of the technology inside of it, I’m surprised that it’s done as well as it has.

I’m currently looking at purchasing one!


Think about it this way, though- for the amount of money it will take to buy a Segway, will they be able to buy just as much gas? Also, if they live 10 miles away from their job, and the Segway (I believe) has a max speed of 17 mph, it will take them ~35 minutes to get to work, assuming they travel at max speed all the time, as opposed to 30 min. at 20 mph average, a relatively low average speed.

In summary, for the tuime they’ll use it, is it really an worthwhile investment?


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The average gas price in the Bay Area probably exceeds $3.50 right now. I was in San Francisco last weekend and a gallon of gas was $4.19 for regular at the cheapest station I saw.

Wow, that was just way too funny for too many reasons.

I actually cannot imagine life without my Seg. The way that Slate has changed my life has been endless. Things that I once was not able to do, I do with ease (most of the time) now.

As for its capabilities, yes, I have used it as a form of transportation. I used to ride 3+ miles one way to campus everyday. Faster than the bus, and I didn’t get sick on from riding the bus. Last year I used to ride 2+ miles one way to work everyday. Now with the capability to ride 1 mile to the train station, take the train to the city, and then ride anywhere in the city I must is amazing.

Commutes have become seemingly flawless with a Prius and a Segway. The looks of a Seg in the back of a Prius is amazing to say the least (I’ll try to get a pic up).

Yes… its called WALKING!
I have yet to find a reason to spend that much money on some yuppie toy.:eek:
If your that pained over the cost of gas… try public transportation, van pooling, or riding a bike. :smiley:

I’m proud to say the F-450 crew cab truck I drive to work everyday burns about 1/100th a dinosaur a mile… of course that with three mowers in the trailer and five other guys in the cab. all going down the road at 70 mph.

Try that on your segway. :eek:

Actually, the company says the max. speed is 12.5 mph. Not that it matters much–where I live, driving a car often requires at least 35 minutes to go 10 miles.

Moreover, the sidewalks here really aren’t designed for Segways. Local efforts to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act are half-hearted. I often see people in wheelchairs on our sidewalks, but I don’t know how they get around the numerous obstacles. The fact is, our street designers aren’t serious about any mode of transport other than motor vehicles. So most people aren’t going to stop using their cars unless they’re forced to.

Life Before the Segway was much harder. However is it really getting any easier or cheaper - See The Article from the NY Post "City Gives My Scoot The Boot.