Do you think falcons will be back in early to mid summer?

The title says it all. We are currently trying to decide if we want to attempt swerve in the off season, that being said we already have 5 falcons and would only need three more for swerve. Our hopes were to have everything assembled and start working on programming by mid summer. Our thing is we don’t want to drop all this money on swerve if there will not be falcons for purchase until December or something.


One more thing to note the five falcons we have are v2 I know that they changed some dimensions on there latest version would this cause problems? Would we need 8 of all the same version?

Can’t speak to the in stock part but I have info for your other questions.

We modified our SDS Mark4i SWERVE modules so that the V3 and V1 (or V2) motors stick out the same amount instead of having the V3s be lower. This can be done by changing the pinion position on the drive motor and shortening the motor mount standoffs .750 inches (measure to be sure I’m going on memory). This allowed us to use V3s for the drive and V1/V2 for steering and maintain the V1/V2 ground clearance.

Also, if you have the money just buy the modules this summer to have them and play around with them. We pulled the trigger on buying 4 or 5 modules to play around with last May or June and were glad we did when SWERVE was the clear choice for this years game. We had the modules ready and didn’t need to wait until right before our first event to get them.


Falcon availability is the football.
VEX is Lucy.
You are Charlie Brown.


You can do a swerve without falcons. Neos work perfectly fine.

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Ooo, ooo!! Do falcon quality control next!


Also OP, 3 additional motors are just the base requirement for 8 motor swerve.
You should have replacements available, motor and module, and you’ll definitely want them during competition season.

Consider all of these before making the purchase decision


To answer your question falcon availability is unknown.

My personal recommendation would be to start with 4 falcon drives and 4 NEO steers. That leaves you with a spare falcon should something go wrong. Mixing motors in this method should be ok and get you moving in the right direction in terms of assembly and getting code up and running.

Later if you find one ecosystem better benefits your team (use of a canivore) or reduces risk (better availability, cheaper use if resusing controllers) you can switch over pinions to one motor type. Or you may find the mix is a great balance for your team and don’t want to make any changes.


Also as a non-flippant answer the most recent shipments of Falcon 500 motors seemed problematic for a lot of teams, to the point that most treated the new ones as spares and previously proven motors (v1/v2) as competition components.

To me that says that new purchases might either be rolling the dice on whether you get good quality, or that vex has to go back and make changes to their process or their design to push out a better product (adding more delays to the timeline). The suggestion to blend motor types is probably a good one, especially since it’s not uncommon to see different steering versus drive motors other than for differential swerve.

Hard to do something that doesn’t exist at all, isn’t it?

I’ve heard some even more severe QC issues regarding the V3 falcons, things that teams can’t fix themselves. I’d reccomend trying to buy the V2s off of some team.

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you mean there is no quality control? Had trouble parsing this one.

That’s what it seems like :skull:

Can’t roast what doesn’t exist, like VEX QC.

At least not easily.

Unless you are trying to control them from a non WPILib target :\ CTRE has support for that. Rev does not.

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< tangent >
Vex really doesn’t seem to care about FRC, at least with modern products like Falcon. They weren’t prepared for the time-sensitive build season, even though it happens at the same time every year. Then, even the product they shipped is unreliable. It basically makes us look elsewhere even after some success with the earlier Falcons.

Still like most of their mechanical components though, those are super helpful.
</ tangent >

I honestly feel bad for ctre just having to use the falcon for the motor controller. I have had no problems with the talon fx but it is the motor and hardware itself that has issues


Falcon QC is the rules to Calvinball.
VEX is Calvin.
You are Hobbes but while adults are present.


I personally think they should just pump out as many falcons as possible with no QC and hope that at least a few are usable :+1:


Best analogy I have heard in a while. 10 out of 10

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I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they’re doing

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