Do you track links of cubes and cones in the community or no

1747 does not track links as I don’t really see a reason to.

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We haven’t been, it’s not enough benefit in our opinion for how hard it is to accurately track that data. Other things are much more important for our strategy.

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Originally we tracked links, either through our own scouting or pulling it from Blue alliance. We then compared links made with number of game pieces scored to try to estimate the “Link Efficiency” of a team. As the season progressed and things got more competitive the number didn’t matter much and there were other more important metrics we were looking at.

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i believe we have a checkbox labeled “smart game piece placement” that is only checked if the team being scouted is trying to make links

It wouldn’t be necessarily hard to track the game piece positions. Although with views at competitions it would be a pain to scout.

Pain to Scout == Hard to track

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