Do you want HDPE for your practice field?


1/8…color is not important


I would buy 1 slice (thinner is better) to compare against the standard texture I’m about to commit to through my local supplier (Tap) who was as confused as I was by “orange peel”.

Also +1 to a yellow option :wink:


I’m actually pretty surprised there isn’t an actual part number available for the HDPE in the manual. I wonder where FIRST gets theirs from…


“Have you found textured HDPE on McMaster? I didn’t have any luck.”

I found this but I am reluctant to buy it unless I know that this is “orange peel” texture



OK, let me ask the ultimate possibly totally dumb question of whoever has been able to test “orange peel HDPE”. How does it compare with regolith ("orange peel textured fiber reinforced plastic)?


987 just ordered the 1/4" textured marine grade HDPE that McMaster sells and will be layering it on top of 1/2" plywood and will adjust our cuts to give same outside dimensions found on the real field.


I would seriously consider getting some for the team–and this would be almost regardless of year. Think we might have a local supplier, though.




Does anyone know the material used for the sides of the HAB platforms? Is it the same HDPE?


Per drawings GE-19033 and GE-19037 HAB sides and fronts are covered with 1/4" black HDPE with Orange Peel Finish.


If you’re in Toronto, Canada we will be purchasing our HDPE from Plastic World. (

I don’t remember if they have the orange peel texture in stock or not, will check this afternoon.

Shipping to Canada would be a nightmare.


My team was actually already looking into buying some of this material, but depending on the price, AM might be the better way to go for us.

As for specs, as thin as possible (~1/8") would be preferable (the less we have to modify the field element dimensions the better), and color is irrelevant (for us anyways).

Not sure why, but it didn’t let me reply to the poll for some reason.


can’t vote anymore, but we may be interested if the price it right


I have a plastics company locally that I usually get polycarb and such from (they sponsor us), but in this case I’d rather get the real stuff from AndyMark than my local, or McMaster, or Amazon. It may cost more but we would know that what we bought is the same as what we will play with, and for this particular field element that is super valuable. I will wait to make this purchase until it is in stock at AM.


We would also buy this from AM if it is in stock. Color does not matter, but we would get the thinner one. We would prefer 1/8th inch if that was an option.


We would be interested as well. Having the right material on this element of the field could make the difference between a design working or not. We were going to sheath the platforms in standard HDPE but having the correct texture would be better.


Yes please!!!

How do I vote? I pick the button but there is no way to “confirm” or enter the vote.


For anyone curious, FIRST declined to give a part number or a supplier for the Orange Peel HDPE sheet.

FIRST uses a local plastic supply company to source this plastic material. Teams can contact most local plastic supply companies in their area with the information listed on the drawings to source the material for their use.


There is no confirm, it just counts your vote once you click on it. You can also just change your vote if you want. (Until the poll closes)