Do you want HDPE for your practice field?


That’s not surprising.

We bought Textured Marine HDPE (“King Starboard”) last night from our local supplier, who had no idea what “orange peel” meant. The standard texture looks pretty “orange-peely” to me and matches my memory of last year’s fields. I can try to get a photo of it if folks are interested?

Still hoping to order one 2x4 from AndyMark to see if Ruth and her supplier’s opinion matches mine on the meaning of “orange peel”.


Ok - you’ve spoken loud and clear on this topic. We are setting the process in motion to get Orange Peel HDPE in stock on Look for an announcement mid-week 2 on availability.

As far as specs are concerned, we’ll be carrying 4’x2’(+/- 0.250") sheets of Black 0.250" Orange Peel HDPE


I understand it’s probably too early and you can’t give exacts/promises, but any hint of a price range?


You can find pricing and other information here:


Ten bucks less than the same thing from McMaster-Carr. I’m guessing most teams whose climbing plans call for reacting against the HAB surfaces will want some of this stuff.