Doc Hudson

What I did over my summer vacation.


That was a cool adventure! Congratulations on the award. It was great to meet you at Houston Champs.


That’s awesome! Congrats!

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All of the lemons events looks like so much fun, I’ve been waiting on them to bring a rally up to the north east so I can enter.

you missed the Four Bangors event, beginning of July…all you had to do was drive out to Michigan to the start, then back home, the back to Michigan, then back home. But don’t worry, the Moscow to Paris rally will be ready for you right smack in the middle of build season this coming winter…that one starts in PA, (not a real real long drive from the NE), ends down south somewhere (you wanted to sample some warm weather that time of year anyways). Don’t bother with excuses, just go do it!

last year, my brother and I went on the Route 66 run, drove a very unlikely car from Tucson to Chicago, where it started…it’s normal behavior on these Rallys.

I think I drove about 1500 miles to get to the Rally in the Hudson. It’s only 900 miles away by sensible routes, but sensible is not what it’s about :slight_smile:

That is really cool!

What a cool story and a great adventure. In the picture with the head off, is that a burn mark in the piston cylinder wall? Or was that just the oil ring leaking in that cylinder. With oil usage, it is not unusual for a car that old (my age) to have a leaky rear seal that contaminates the clutch. Most readers do not realize that older cars did not compensate for altitude as more modern vehicles do.
I have no comments on the Yugo.

The Yugo was highly entertaining :slight_smile:

The Hudson cylinder bore had a deep scratch. There’s a long story behind it, I think…but they had the piston rings pinned so they would not rotate, and the pin came out, and I think that’s what caused the scratch.

The Hudson has a wet clutch, it has a cork facing. Seriously, look it up, it’s fascinating. The engine does leak a lot of oil, and the clutch also leaks (it has it’s own oil).

I live at 4500 feet, about the middle of the lowest and highest elevations I traveled on the trip. I did have to make a few minor adjustments, mostly the idle speed…I didn’t worry too much about the mixture, it was rich at higher places, lean at lower places, but it still ran.

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Wow, wet clutch. I didn’t realize Hudson used that type. In rebuilding it looks like you have to drink a lot of wine to get the right size cork.
How did the clutch feel while you were driving? It seems like it would be a little smoother that an dry clutch.

Great write up Jim. I really enjoy reading your stuff, congratulations on the award as well.

Looks like a good time. Maybe I’ll try and put something together for a future year…

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When the clutch is new, it works great, is what I’ve read. But mine is old and worn out and burned, and it chatters pretty badly. A rebuilt clutch assembly approaches a thousand dollars…these things are expensive to work on! I have the car for sale, I’ll let the next owner worry about it.


You heard Al. Get to work on the wine. It can’t be the cheap stuff with the screw top.

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