Doctor Who!

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan! Who is your favorite regeneration? For me its Ten! :yikes:

Matt Smith is where I get a heft portion of my dressy-fasion sense from. Also the whole “WOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE IM A CRAZY 900 YEAR OLD TIME TRAVELER!” thing is something i misappropriate pretty much always.


I’ve been watching since the 9th, my favorite is the 10th, and I love the 11th’s story the most.

Oh, and…

NullEntity, why can’t I turn off my computer?

And why is the angel moving?

Sherlock > Doctor

BUT. I’d have to agree with Matty smith.

You know what would be really scary… It’s possible to rename an animated gif to a jpg extension and the browser will still parse it as an animated gif. Which means you could have an animated gif of an angel as a jpg which makes you think that it shouldn’t be moving.