Documentary FIRST Robotics 2008

Hello Robotics Fans!

Hello, my name is Tara Chiusano, and I’m an associate producer for a television documentary film about the 2008 FIRST Robotics competition. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has asked KETC-TV, a public television station located in St. Louis and Story House Productions, an international, award-winning documentary film company, to produce the documentary for Public Television.
We are a documentary film company casting for a film about the First Robotics competition and the people in it – that’s right, we want to show the world how much time and effort you are putting into First Robotics. So if you are smart, funny and willing to let us film you in all of your robotic glory and think you have what it takes to be a star let us know now!
A couple of quick notes on what we are looking for: your team needs to be eligible to compete in First Robotics, able to sign releases and willing to have us film your team in all stages of the competition. Please email me, Tara Chiusano at, or my associate, Alex Buder at We shall contact you immediately to follow up and explain how the process for getting your team on board with the project!
May the best robots win!

-Tara Chiusano
Associate Producer

just a suggestion include FRC, FTC and FLL instead of just FRC

Thanks for posting about your documentary here on the ChiefDelphi Forum, Tara.

I have replied via email on behalf of my own team, FRC 931 Perpetual Chaos. You might also want to contact the St. Louis FIRST regional planning committee – I sent you contact email addresses for both my team and for the committee.

KETC has a long history of producing world-class documentary programs. I’m looking forward to seeing yours. :slight_smile:

I am a mentor of team 1766: Temper Metal. I will check with my team on Thursday and will get back with you on our availability. I also want to let you know that what you are doing could greatly benefit small teams such as ours that are having a hard time getting support from the community. Even if it ends up not working out for our team, please post how we can get a copy of this documentary when you are done.

So are you just covering teams participating in the St. Louis regional or is it teams around the United States? And do you plan to be at the Championship Event as well in April?

We are looking for teams from all around the country, please contact me to submit your materials for consideration.

Tara Chiusano
Associate Producer

Apparently, e-mails went out to regional directors and then some teams were contacted directly as a result. As a head’s up, we’re being asked to produce for them a brief introduction to our team by Nov. 27.

If this is something your team is interested in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with these folks. The timetable is brief.

For those who already contacted them, there’s been a slight change in the required info:

I’m sure our team may be interested in this but We are not in the USA. We were wondering if this documentary will extend to Canada by any chance?

No decision yet:ahh:

In case anyone else has been wondering, I sent a short note to Tara C. regarding the selection process. To paraphrase her reply,“The selection process is taking some time as the quality of the submissions are soo good.” So I guess we all will have to wait some more to find out if our team was selected for this really cool project.:slight_smile:

Where is the crossing your fingers / knocking on wood emoticon:confused:

That’s not surprising one bit. The standard of excellence in many FIRST teams is probably just a tad overwhelming when trying to make this type of selective decision. It would also not be surprising if something were said about it being a privilege and an honor to learn about these teams during the process.

I am surprised that I didn’t read this thread before. It sounds like a really great project. Good luck to all the teams out there going for it!

wow! that sounds pretty cool! too bad i didn’t read about it before now :slight_smile:

…so, just curious if any other teams have been notified of their participation in this documentary?

My understanding is that teams were notified on Monday.

I haven’t heard a thing.

We got a notice today that we had not been chosen.
It would be neat to see who did get chosen at some point.

I heard today that our team was not selected, but another team in the St. Louis area was. Congratulations to them, and I know they will represent our area well. Hopefully one of their students or mentors will post something here soon.

We’ve yet to hear either way.

Stay tuned.

The Storyhouse Pro company was really interested about the scholarship we give out to one senior on the team. They wanted to see how the idea of the scholarship would create tension between the seniors vying for the scholarship. However… there is no tension created, in fact, that’s not even on the seniors’ minds during build season.

So, we came up with another proposal involving how there are many strong seniors who will be leaving the team and how the younger students will need to be trained for fill in for them following years.

I don’t know if we have heard back from them, though.

I have been out primary contact with Tara and I have not heard anything one way or another yet. Good luck to all!