DoD grant disbursement?

In the beginning of August, our team was notified that we had been awarded the DoD STEM grant for the upcoming season. We were told that we would receive grant instructions from the FIRST grants manager and that in three weeks the funding would process. However, now, more than 6 weeks after that first email, we have not seen the DoD STEM money in our FIRST account. We have tried reaching out to our contact at the DoD and have gotten no response by phone or by email.

I was wondering if other teams have seen their DoD grant money show up in their accounts yet, and who we may be able to contact to figure out what’s going on.

I had heard secondhand that they were disbursing FLL and FTC first since those teams needed it right away and FRC in a later round. We’ve not received ours, either (though we’ve heard both that we didn’t get it and then that all the teams in our regional got it including us - so I’ve no idea…). I’d like to hear some news on it, too.

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Is there any information about DoD grants?

One of our mentors emailed our local contact this morning, who emailed their contact, and poof, like magic, the grant appeared in our account just now.

Our grant was also received today, but no e-mails on our part were involved. I think the timing of your e-mail was just a coincidence.

We didn’t get any responses from emails, but we also got our grant today.


I prefer to believe that we have that kind of influence. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I’m glad that everyone got it, though. Now, to finish raising funds for that second regional…

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