DoD STEM Grant 2022-2023

Our team, Roxbury Robotics 4361, was put on the DoD STEM Grant “On the Wait List” this year. We usually get two grants to pay for our entry fee, Picatinny STEM ($3,000) and DoD STEM($3,000). We were just notified that teams “On the Wait List” will not be receiving their grant. They did have a large number of applications this year and I am not complaining about who got their grant.

I’m just wondering who else was affected by this? Also I think it might be worth it to reach out to you Congressperson and Senator to see if something can be done about it. If all the teams, and the parents of all the team members write in, it may help.

So were you affected this year?

Mark Tayler
HC Roxbotix 4361

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