Dodgeball outside the dome?

I don’t know how many teams are left here that haven’t gone yet, but is anyone putting together a dodgeball session somewhere outside (maybe the park) after the days end?

I dont have enough manpower or balls on hand to construct this, but if anyone is putting together a few games, give everyone here the heads up. The more people dodging the better.

we should do it by team
make it 8-10 from each team and do double elimination


ps count 25 in for that

Depends on where as to if you won’t get in trouble for doing it. But, The 45 All-Stars, may have to swing on by. :cool: A team not the B team like was shown at BMR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we organize something for Wednesday before the doors open for the load-in? Who will be there? I suggest we do it in that courtyard between the pits and the dome.

I’m personnaly going to organize a low low level soccer game somewhere with team 469, pass by our pit, and if we find somewhere to play, you’re all welcome to join us

i cant think of a team that wouldnt want to do it but if you do it wensday i wouldnt suggest between the dome and pits since there will probably be setup going on then since its the day before

If the CircuitRunners play, we have like 20 balls or so that we can chip in. I would rather play during lunches.

we got two colombians and me argentinean that are in for the soccer game

let us know where

team 1251