DODSTEM grants for 2019-2020

It looks like DODSTEM already made their decisions for this year.

Does anyone have any inside information about this grant process? Will their be a second round? Will their be a waitlist like last year? Did anyone happen to see the ranked list for this year like they sent out to some people last year?

How do you know decision was already made?

Whatever your local contact is should have that information. I believe it went out to them last week.

The “ranked lists” are done by each DoDSTEM site coordinator among the teams that applied for grants through that facility. You’d have to reach out to your local POC to see if they’d be willing to provide a ranked list to you (which they may or may not be willing to do so).

Additionally, per my site coordinator, decisions have not yet been finalized. They expect to hear more by August 24.

I do not believe there will be another round, previously the DoDSTEM grants were coordinated through local DoDSTEM coordinators by location. They would collect all the applicants and prioritize them based on a number of criteria. This year was somewhat different as everyone applied to a common portal so the local coordinator was less directly involved, other than providing the info to local interested DoD personnel. Here is the initial info and timeline our local DoDSTEM coordinator provided to me:

NEW THIS SEASON, we are rolling out an online application portal. We
will ONLY review applications that are submitted through this portal. The
DoD STEM Robotics Grant portal will ask for registration with a personal
(alternate) email address; however, it can only be accessed by personnel
with a “.mil” or “.dodea” email address and requires a passcode. This means
that only DoD mentors/coaches or DoD STEM Coordinators can submit proposals
for FIRST teams, not the non-DoD coaches.

Our timeline for the DoD STEM Robotics Grants submission, evaluation, and
awards is as follows:
– 16 May 2019: online portal opens
– 16 Jun 2019: ALL PROPOSALS DUE. Online portal closes.
– 17 Jun-12 Jul 2019: DoD STEM reviews proposals and requests
– 15 Jul 2019: Notification of Award sent to team coaches
– 1 Aug 2019: DoD STEM grants uploaded in team FIRST accounts

The website does have some info, and the best way to get accurate / “non-hearsay” info would likely be the “connect with us” links at the bottom of the page.

Thanks. Waiting to hear back from our local contact about what is going on, then I was planning on going to the generic contact info on their web site.

Funding is turning out to be an uphill battle this year.

We got notification of our award in late July, in line with what was posted above on the timeline.
We love and count on this support annually!

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